computer-security-signpost21As opposed to a decade ago, computers are integral to almost everyone’s life. We use them to store vital information both at workplace and at home. The fact that many people use the computer on a daily basis means they are becoming more vulnerable to hackers and cybercrimes. Making your computer secure is therefore very important to ensure that unauthorized persons don’t get access to into it. So the big question is; how can you secure your computer? Below are 5 tips to make your computer safe and secure.

1. Make sure your computer has a password

The first way to protect your computer from hackers and unauthorized persons by ensuring that it has password. Every time you turn your computer on, you need to ensure that someone has to type the correct password in order to log in. In order to make your computer even more secure, experts recommend that you should create decently long password that incorporates numbers, letters and symbol to make it difficult for unauthorized person to gain access.

2. Install antivirus software

Antiviruses are very important because they help to protect your computer against malware. Most people have installed antiviruses on their computers but they are not effective when it comes to detecting and eliminating computer viruses because they are not updated constantly. If you want to get the best results from your antivirus, you need to ensure that is updated on a regular basis. Viruses can erase your hard drive or even delete data on your computer. By using an effective antivirus software you will not only detect potential virus but you it prevent it from interfering with normal functioning of your computer.

Another thing in addition to an antivirus program that you might want to consider is an anti malware program.  These programs act on malware that sometimes masqerades as a legitimate program.  One great malware removal tool is Spyhunter 4 which is a safe and effective software tool designed to protect against strains of malware that an antivirus software program will miss.  Lots of people ask me if Spyhunter 4 is safe, and I let them know that I have used it myself with great results.

3. Install a firewall

Firewall is available both in the form of hardware or software and their purpose to help protect your computer from hackers as well as viruses. It works by filtering information that it allowed into the computer. Most computers usually come with an in build firewall. However, if your computer does not have a built in firewall, then you have nothing to worry because you can install a hardware firewall.

4. Install an anti-spyware

Spyware is actually a software that is installed on your computer without your consent. This software is very dangerous and can interfere with the normal functioning of your computer besides corrupting vital data that you have stored in your computer. In addition to that, spyware software can monitor your behavior in order to collect your personal information, force unwanted pop ups or even reconfigure your computer. By installing an anti-spyware, you will help protect your computer against spyware that can compromise the security of your computer.

5. Install spam blocker

Do you know that spam content also compromises the security of your computer? Although the best way to secure your computer is by being vigilant when downloading files or opening attachments, using a spam blocker can really help to prevent you from becoming a spam victim. As soon as you start using the internet from your computer, you put it at risk for scammers who want to steal from you. By installing a spam blocker, you will be able to detect and block people who don’t have good intentions.